Drawing Famous Brand Logos from Memory


As I was watching my instagram stories earlier, I came across this interesting post about how 156 Americans drew famous brand logos from memory. Big brand logos such as Apple, Adidas, Burger King, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, Ikea, just to name a few.

The results are very interesting & hilarious. Some of these logos look simple at a glance, but when people tell you to actually draw them from memory, that’s when the struggles come in.



Do check out the full post by logoinspirations to see what kind of fun & interesting sketches people came up with!

One thought on “Drawing Famous Brand Logos from Memory

  1. Very interesting!!! We take these logos for granted and they are so simple but when try to really sit down and think and draw, it’s like “was the apple bite on the left or right ah?” haha.

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