Feeling Soupy @ KLIA2

Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) is one of the biggest shopping mall in the world with 225 retail outlets, 81 lots for food and beverages. Fast foods, rice & noodles, fruit juices, coffee shops, organic foods, light snacks…and the list goes on.

But what if you are feeling unwell on the day, and you aren’t in the mood for any meal with heavy carbs, not even coffee, you want something savoury, and non-fried stuffs instead?


I was hunting for a hot cup of soup to soothe my inflamed throat. After walking around and checking out most of the restaurant’s menus, I finally found a place where they offered soup – DOME Cafe (departure level).


I ordered myself a wild mushroom soup (RM21) . Other available options are broccoli or minestrone soup. All topped with croutons and served with fresh garlic toast.What more can you ask for when you’re feeling sick? Thankful for a warm, comfort and hearty soup.

Now, Im ready to fly.



hello wanderers


It’s been ages since I last had a blog or managed a domain. I guess it’s time to restart, recollect and record pieces of my life journey once again.

This was taken in “A Day In Chiang Mai Coffee Brew” – a little cozy coffee shop in Amphoe Muang Chiang Mai, Thailand. Loved the rustic brick wall and the vintage cameras laying around the corner of the cafe.


Stay tune as I will be slowly adding more photos from my recent trip in Thailand.